Math is Everywhere
Mathematics encompasses everything from Derek Jeter's batting average to the impact of a changing climate's effects on the wine industry. Math is more than just numbers. Mathematical concepts foster higher-level thinking and problem solving. Mathematics is about more than just trigonometric functions and the quadratic formula. It teaches you to reason carefully and think logically, skills needed in any career.

Apply Yourself with a Math Degree
Quick: think of the top 15 most lucrative college degrees. What do they all have in common? Math.

Business, engineering, sciences, and technology all rely on mathematics. New methods from mathematics inform these disciplines, while questions raised by these disciplines lead to new research in science. Students in the Mathematics program at Stevens Institute of Technology therefore take classes in mechanics, chemistry, physics, and biology so they are prepared to respond to real-life questions.

The Mathematical Sciences department at Stevens Institute of Technology offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics that is designed to prepare you for a career in a number of disciplines, as well as further study with a graduate degree.

Learn from World-Class Professors
Stevens Professors are recognized by national and international organization for their research. Dr. Alexei Miasnikov recently received the prestigious and competitive Marsden Fund Award for research in Group Theory with an international team of mathematicians. Along with Dr. Robert Gilman, Dr. Miasnikov has also been funded by the National Security Agency's Mathematical Science Program to test their novel approach to the Andrews-Curtis conjecture, a famous unsolved problem from topology and combinatorial group theory.

A strong foundation, interdisciplinary learning, and plenty of options post-graduation: It all adds up to a great education at Stevens, The Innovation University™. Stop by the Mathematical Sciences Web site for more details, or admissions to apply today.