Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering
Engineer a Better Tomorrow

Environmental Engineers create solutions to environmental problems for the benefit of both humankind and nature. An extension of Civil Engineering, this field focuses on the interaction of humans with the environment and advances technologies that keep us safe. Environmental Engineers:

  • Supply safe drinking water in areas of need
  • Study the transport and effect of pollutants on the environment
  • Develop methods and technologies to treat hazardous waste

The skills learned in environmental engineering could extend from the office to the beach, or an underdeveloped country in need of safe drinking water.

A Wealth of Opportunities

Located on the banks of the Hudson River, just minutes away from New York City and the Atlantic Ocean, Stevens provides the ideal location for the study of Environmental Engineering. At Stevens, students join an institution that already plays a critical role in the study of the coastlines of New Jersey and the Greater New York City area. Get hands on experience through Senior Design projects, which unite academia and industry in the creation of new technologies for changing times. Stevens association with organizations Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the New Jersey Department of Transportation, and the United States Coast Guard continue to improve safety and efficiency on the water with projects that students are actively involved in. State-of-the-art facilities like the Center for Environmental Systems conduct cutting-edge research in the field of Environmental Engineering.

Learn From the Best
Students are taught by world-class professors like Dr. Xiaoguang Meng and Dr. David Vaccari. Dr Meng's research in the interaction of heavy metals and arsenic in water has won him international recognition. His patented technologies have been successfully used to remove toxins from contaminated water, in the process saving lives around the world and protecting the environment.

Dr. Vaccari, Professor and Director of the Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering Department, is the recipient of the 2010 Educator Award from the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP) and was named the 2009 Educator of the Year by the New Jersey Chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies. He has appeared in Scientific American Magazine for his article, "Phosphorus: A Looming Crisis."

Ideal location, robust resources, and stellar faculty add up to a fantastic experience in the Environmental Engineering. Visit the Civil, Environmental, and Ocean Engineering Web site for more details, or admissions to apply today.