Engineering Physics

Engineering Physics

Study at the Interface of Physics and Engineering
Physics is the in-depth study of the world that surrounds us, from the spin of electrons to the pulse of lasers. At Stevens, Engineering Physics utilizes this knowledge to prepare solutions to problems we encounter, from manufacturing microdevices for everyday electronics to constructing freespace optical communications systems. In the ever-expanding fields of communications and electronics, physicists are called upon to investigate and develop unique and innovative applications for new technologies. See yourself applying your physics knowledge to do the following:

  • Create lasers to advance optical communications technologies
  • Study pollution and its effects on our environment
  • Develop tiny microdevices for use in electronics
  • Investigate physical changes at state interfaces through surface physics

Develop Your Skills
The Engineering Physics program at Stevens is a joint program that provides students with a strong base in physics coupled with an engineering curriculum to provide an education that combines science and engineering. 

The inventiveness required to apply physics to engineering solutions is built from the very beginning through a unique SKIL (Science Knowledge Integration Ladder) course sequence. The six-semester sequence of project-centered courses allows students to work on projects of their own choosing. This fosters independent learning, innovative problem solving, collaboration and team work, and knowledge integration under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Students are also offered hands-on experience in one of the research laboratories.

With a solid base from a strong core curriculum, students graduate not only with an essential understanding of physics, but also the engineering knowledge to apply those ideas to new technologies. In addition, the Engineering Physics program allows students to focus their research in one of four fields:

  • Applied Optics
  • Microelectronics and Photonics
  • Atmospheric and Environmental Science
  • Plasma and Surface Physics

Are you ready to engineer your physics future? Visit the Physics & Engineering Physics Web site for more details, or admissions to apply today.