Quantum Research

Pioneering Disruptive Technological Breakthroughs

Experts at Stevens are pioneering the tools that could pave the way for quantum technology. Such exciting breakthroughs would change the landscape in science and research.

Ultra-cold Quantum Control
Using ultra-cold atomic and molecular systems to enable ultra-fast quantum computation without decoherence.

Dr. Svetlana Malinovskaya recently presented a Physics Colloquium at University of Nevada, Reno, where she assessed the latest developments in the quantum control of ultra-cold atoms and molecules and proposed potential solutions to the problem of decoherence.

Leaping Quantum Hurdles
Preserving quantum entanglement will prevent loss of information in a quantum information transmission, unlocking the power of quantum computing.

Dr. Ting Yu is at the forefront of this struggle to control quantum entanglement by developing new error correction codes for thermal, colored and correlated noise interference.

Quantum Computer Chip Breakthrough
Scaling up manufacturing of nano-sized components to make quantum computing a reality.

Dr. Stefan Strauf addresses the problem of scalability of semiconductor quantum photonic devices, which are currently limited by the inherently random nucleation process of self-assembled quantum dots.

Distributed Quantum Computing
An interdisciplinary approach to networkable, portable quantum computers.

Dr. Yuping Huang leads experimental and theoretical efforts to develop highly-integrated, room-temperature, and on-chip photonic techniques in order to bring quantum information processing to reality.