Degree of Mechanical Engineer

Degree of Mechanical Engineer

The Mechanical Engineer degree program is a graduate-level program of study that goes beyond the master's degree in scope. Students are required to apply the subject matter acquired in formal graduate courses to problems more consistent with those they are likely to encounter as a practicing engineer.

The applicant for the Mechanical Engineer degree program will already have a Master of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering or its equivalent; otherwise, additional courses will be required. In addition, the applicant must demonstrate professional competence by having at least two years of responsible engineering experience before entering the program. International applicants whose native language is not English and who have not obtained prior degrees from a U.S. institution are required to provide TOEFL scores. International applicants who have not obtained prior degrees from a U.S. institution are also required to provide GRE scores.

Thirty credits beyond a Master's degree are required for the Mechanical Engineer degree (with no more than three courses at the 500 level). A design project, ME 950 (12 credits), is a part of these 30 credits.

Each candidate will be assigned an advisor. The candidates and their advisors will submit a study plan for approval to the departmental graduate committee. The plan must include descriptions of the required professional experience and the design project. There will be an oral presentation of the design project after the departmental graduate committee has approved a written report.

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