Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Business, engineering, sciences, and technology all rely on mathematics. New methods from mathematics inform these disciplines, while questions raised by these disciplines lead to new research in science. Students in the Mathematics program at Stevens Institute of Technology therefore take classes in mechanics, chemistry, physics, and biology so they are prepared to respond to real-life questions.


The Department offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics that is designed to prepare students for a career in a number of disciplines, as well as further study with a graduate degree.

The primary undergraduate program in the department is the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. This program offers a broad background appropriate for students planning to pursue a job in industry, while also offering students the depth and rigor required for graduate studies in mathematics or related fields.  

Recommended Study Plan for the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics >>


The Bachelor of Science in Computational Science is tailored to students who are interested in the application of mathematics to science and engineering as well as the development of strong computing and programming skills. This interdisciplinary program provides the student with a strong grounding in applied mathematics and computer science. The program requires the student to take several courses in an approved application area, culminating in a significant computational project in the senior year. For more information on this program, follow the link below.

Recommended Study Plan for the Bachelor of Science in Computational Science >>