Algebraic Cryptography Center

Algebraic Cryptography Center

Department Director Alexei Miasnikov founded the Algebraic Cryptography Center (ACC) to investigate new techniques from computational algebra and their applications to practical problems in cryptography and cryptanalysis. 

The ACC facilitates interdisciplinary research on foundational problems of cryptography and cybersecurity in collaboration with associate members at other institutions throughout the world. The center investigates unique applications of mathematical algorithms that may be used to facilitate security in quantum computing systems – an integral blending of both computer science and mathematics in pursuit of a greater goal. According to ACC director Robert Gilman, "If a technology such as a quantum computer suddenly gains the power to solve hard problems much more quickly, many of the crypto-systems that have become a vital part of global infrastructure will become insecure...we have to be able to ask, ‘To what extent can we prove a crypto-system is secure?’ And we need to be able to find an answer.”

“Everything in the field of quantum computing and cryptographic mathematics is wide open," says Dr. Miasnikov. "There remain fundamental mathematical questions that affect the very nature of current and future cryptographic methods. These not only present challenging and exciting opportunities for researchers such as myself, but offer an exceptional chance for students to participate in this groundbreaking field.”

The main research themes of the ACC are:

  • Cryptanalysis of public key cryptosystems based on algebraic problems.
  • Theoretical development of generic complexity.
  • Application of generic complexity to the problem of testing the security of cryptosystems.

The Center sponsors a number of seminars, lectures, and visitors. It is currently located in Room 380 in the Kidde Building. The Algebra & Cryptography Seminar, jointly sponsored with the CUNY Graduate Center, meets on Fridays.