Electrical Engineering M.Eng. and Ph.D.

Electrical Engineering M.Eng. and Ph.D.
On the Cutting Edge of Technology

Electrical Engineering at Stevens has a firm commitment to developing next-generation devices and protocols that ensure efficiency and reliability of communications and operations. Faculty administer research and instructional grants from prestigious sources, including the National Science Foundation, Air Force Research Laboratory, National Institute for Justice, and many private industry research organizations. These funds supply graduate students with cutting edge projects to hone their knowledge and skills in the field.

Research in Focus

Robotics and Non-Linear Systems Control

Dr. Yi Guo's research involves nonlinear systems and control, cooperative mobile robotics. As founder of the Robotics and Automation Laboratory, she has research experience in nano-scale friction control, multiple robot motion planning and cooperative control, power system stabilization and decentralized control, and stability modeling and congestion control of computer networks. She's also interested in multidisciplinary areas including control theory, mechanical and electrical engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence, and operational research. She has won funding from the National Science Foundation to study syncronization of semiconductor laser arrays.

Intelligent Networking and Internet Protocols

Dr. Victor Lawrence has made major contributions to gigabit, photonic, and wireless networking, signal processing, modem technology, digital techniques, ATM switching and protocols, DSL, speech and audio coding, among other areas. His application of digital signal processing to data communications in the late 1980s and early 1990s led to many significant advances in high-speed transmission over copper lines (e.g., voiceband modems and DSL), and to the creation of Globespan Semiconductor Inc. He was an early champion of VLSI for ATM/IP networks and helped to create two generations of ATM/IP silicon, including the industry leading ATLANTA ATM/IP chip set. He has been a key proponent of R&D globalization and is championing the effort to bring fiber optic connectivity to Africa. At Stevens, in addition to serving as Director of the Center for Intelligent Networked Systems, he serves as Associate Dean for Special Topics. Dr. Lawrence has received many professional awards and honors, including as a Fellow of the IEEE and an elected member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Machine Learning, Decision Making, and Information Awareness

The objective of Dr. Hong Man's research is to automate the process of knowledge acquisition from a large volume of multidimensional information for high level situation awareness and decision making. His work focuses on the theory and applications of multimodal information analysis and machine learning. He is the director of the Visual Information Environment Lab and his current projects include development of an acoustic scene analysis framework, a visual multi-target detection and tracking algorithm, a neural activation detection on functional MRI, and a social network based intrusion detection system. As part of an innovative solution to Intrusion Detection Systems, Dr. Man's group investigates the MAC layer traffic data to select a set of identifiable features. After identifying these sociomatrices, they apply social analysis methods to find the suspicious activities evolution from normal to abnormal behavior with respect to mobile nodes. As a member of IEEE, Dr. Man is a highly-involved committee member and contributes to the organization of conferences and technical workshops.

Areas of Strength

Stevens provides support for both broad and deep study in Electrical Engineering through a committed and distinguished faculty base that includes four IEEE Fellows. Primary research thrusts include signal processing, microelectronic systems, multimedia systems, and networked information systems. These theoretical foundations plug into a variety of applications from robotics to Internet security to wireless networking. 

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