Faculty Profile

Norman Horing

Building: Burchard
Room: 520A
Phone: 201.216.5651
Fax: 201.216.5638
Email: [email protected]
School:  Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
Department:  Physics and Engineering Physics
Program:  Physics / Nanotechnology

PhD - Theoretical Physics, Harvard University, 1964

Advisor: Julian Schwinger

  • Quantum Field Theoretic Green's Function Methods in Many-Body Problems, Solid State and Surface Physics
  • Correlation Phenomena, Collective Modes in Low Dimensional Systems
  • Quantum Transport Theory for Semiconductor Nanostructures, Superlattices
  • High Magnetic Field Phenomena
  • Semiconductor Nanostructure Devices
  • Spintronics
  • Graphene 
  • General Information
    • MIT Lincoln Lab & National Magnet Lab, Cambridge, Mass., 1960-1965
    • Visiting Lecturer: Cavendish Lab, Cambridge Univ., England, 1965-1966
    • Staff Physicist: US Naval Research Lab, Washington, D.C., 1966
    • Stevens Inst. of Tech: Assistant, Associate & Full Professor, 1966-Present
    Institutional Service
    • Director, Academic Support Center, Stevens Inst. of Tech., 1987-1993
    • Consultant to Dean of Faculty, Stevens Inst. of Tech., 1986-1992
    • Elderhostel Coordinator, Stevens Inst. of Tech., 1978-1989
    • Chair, Consultant to Graduate Academic Standards Comm. 2007-present
    Professional Service

    Over 315 peer reviewed publications in physics research journals. A full list of publications is available in the Resume/Bio link found under the photo at the top of the page.

    Consulting Service
    • Consultant US Army Electronics Command, Fort Monmouth, NJ, 1971
    • US Naval Research Res. Lab, Semicond Branch, Wash. DC, 1966-1971
    • Consultant to NEC Research Inst., Princeton, NJ, 1990-1995
    Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    Research and Course Development to Support Technogenesis Activities
    Honors & Awards
    • Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences, 2006

    • Henry Morton Distinguished Teaching Professor Award, 2005

    • Research Recognition Award, Stevens Inst. of Tech, 2004

    • Advisory Comm., Phys. & Astron. Sect., NY Acad. of Sci., 1988-1989

    • Jess H. Davis Research Prize, Stevens Inst. of Tech., 1986

    • M. Engr. (Honorary Degree) Stevens Inst. Tech., Hoboken, NJ, 1982

    • Advisor to over 15 PhD Theses in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics at Stevens and 3 PhD Theses in Europe (two at Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, and one at University of Paris, France).
    • PhD Thesis Committee Member for many doctoral theses.
    • Supervisor of over 10 Postdoctoral Researchers and Visiting Scholars at Stevens.
    Professional Societies
    •  American Physical Society
    • New York Academy of Sciences
    • Society of the Sigma Xi: Vice President of Stevens Chapter, 1993
    • IEEE, Materials Research Society
    • European Physical Society
    Grants, Contracts & Funds
    • DURINT Program of the ARO 2001-2006: $500,000
    Selected Publications
    1. N.J.M. Horing. (2010). "Aspects of the Theory of Graphene", Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Royal Society Publishing Org. ,. A 368 5525-5556 .
    2. N.J.M. Horing. (2010). "Quantum Effects in Plasma Dielectric Response: Plasmons and Shielding in Normal Systems and Graphene", Eds: M. Bonitz, N.J.M. Horing & P. Ludwig, Introduction to Complex Plasmas (Book), Springer,. 109-132.
    3. N.J.M. Horing, and S.Y. Liu. (2009). "Green's functions for a graphene sheet and quantum dot in a normal magnetic field", J. Phys. A. (42), 225301 .
    4. S.Y. Liu, X.L. Lei, N.J.M. Horing. (2008). "Diffusive Transport in Graphene: The Role of Interband Correlation", J. Appl. Phys., 104 043705.
    5. S.Y. Liu, N.J.M. Horing, & X.L. Lei. (2010). "Dynamic Conductivity of Graphene in a Terahertz AC Electric Field", IEEE Sensors Journal, IEEE. 10 681.
    6. B. Dong B, H.Y. Fan, X.L. Lei, N.J.M. Horing. (2009). "Counting statistics of tunneling through a single molecule: Effect of distortion and displacement of vibrational potential surface", J. Appl. Phys. . 105 113702.
    7. N.J.M. Horing, T. Yu. Bagaeva & V.V. Popov. "Excitation of Radiative Polaritons in a 2D Excitonic Layer by a Light Pulse", J. Optical Soc. America, B24, 2428 , AIP (2007).
    8. N.J.M. Horing & L.Y. Chen. "Inverse Dielectric Function of a Lateral Quantum Wire Superlattice Parallel to the Interface of a Plasma-Like Semiconductor", Phys. Rev. B 74, 195336, AIP (2006) :[Also reprinted in the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science of Technology, Dec. 11, 2006].
    9. N. J. M. Horing, M. L. Glasser & B. Dong. "Dynamic & Statistical Thermodynamic Properties of Electrons in a Thin Quantum Well in a Parallel Magnetic Field", J. Phys. C: Condensed Matter, 18, p. 2573, IOP (2006).
    10. N. J. M. Horing & L. Y. Chen. "Magneto-Image Effects in the van der Waals Interaction of an Atom and a Bounded Dynamic Nonlocal Plasma-like Medium", Phys. Rev. A66, p. 042905, AIP (2002).
    11. S.Y. Liu, N.J.M. Horing & X.L. Lei. "Inverse Spin Hall Effect by Spin Injection", Applied Physics Letters 91, 122508, AIP (2007).
    12. N.J.M. Horing. "Quantum Theory of Electron Gas Plasma Oscillations in a Magnetic Field", Annals of Physics (NY) 31, 1 (1965).
    13. N.J.M. Horing, M.M. Yildiz. "Quantum-Theory of Longitudional Dielectric Response Properties of a 2-Dimensional Plasma in a Magnetic-Field", Annals of Physics (NY) 97, 216 (1976).
    14. X. L. Lei, N. J. M. Horing & Hl Cui. "Theory of Negative Differential Conductivity In a Superlattice Miniband", Physical Review Letters 66 (25), 3277, AIP (1991) .
    15. H.L. Cui, V. Fessatidis & N.J.M. Horing. "Commensurability Oscillations in Magnetoplasmons of a Density-Modulated Two-Dimensional Electron-Gas", Phys. Rev. Lett. 63, 2598, AIP (1989).
    16. B. Dong, N. J. M. Horing & H. L. Cui. "Inelastic Cotunneling-Induced Decoherence & Relaxation, Charge & Spin Currents in an Interacting Quantum Dot Under a Magnetic Field", Physical Review B72, 165326, AIP (2005); [Also reprinted in the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology, October 31, 2005].
    17. B. Dong, N.J.M. Horing and X.L. Lei. "Qubit Measurement by a Quantum Point Contact: a Quantum Langevin Equation Apporach", Phys. Rev. B 74, 033303, AIP (2006): [Also reprinted in the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology, July 18, 2006; and in the Virtual Journal of Quantum Information, July 2006].
    18. X. L. Lei and N. J. M. Horing. (1992). "Balance Equation Approach to Hot-Carrier Transport in Semiconductors", Editor C. S. Ting, Physics of Hot Electron Transport in Semiconductors (Book), World Scientific Press, Singapore. 1-132 .
    19. N. J. M. Horing , H. L. Cui & X. L. Lei. (1992). "Recent Developments in Hot Electron Magnetotransport Theory", Editor C. S. Ting, Physics of Hot Electron Transport in Semiconductors (Book), World Scientific Press, Singapore. 133-169 .
    • PEP 111 Mechanics
    • PEP 112 Electricity and Magnetism
    • PEP 242 Modern Physics
    • PEP 331 Electromagnetism
    • PEP 332 Math Methods for Physics
    • PEP 503 Introduction to Solid State Physics
    • PEP 527 Mathematical Methods of Science and Engineering I
    • PEP 528 Mathematical Methods of Science and Engineering II
    • PEP 532 Mathematical Methods for Physics
    • PEP 538 Introduction to Mechanics
    • PEP 542 Electromagnetism
    • PEP 544 Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
    • PEP 642 Mechanics
    • PEP 643 Electricity and Magnetism I
    • PEP 644 Electricity and Magnetism II
    • PEP 667 Statistical Mechanics
    • PEP 700 Quantum Electron Physics and Technology Seminar
    • PEP 754 Advanced Quantum Mechanics
    • PEP 757 Quantum Field Theory Methods in Statistical and Many-Body Physics
    • PEP 758 Quantum Statistical Mechanics
    • PEP 960 Research in Physics (PhD)