Faculty Profile

Nicholas Phillips

Email: [email protected]
School:  Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
Department:  Mechanical Engineering
He received a BME and a MS in Management from Stevens Institute of Technology.
General Information
Phamaceutical Manufacturing Program
(GMP Facilities Design) Mr. Phillips has 30+ years experience in Manufacturing and Engineering, the past 25 years holding positions in project and departmental management for the Healthcare Industry. For the past 9 years he has been with Lockwood Greene as the Technical Manager, Pharmaceutical/Biotech Manufacturing Technology: developing master plans and conceptual designs for: manufacturing systems, and production facilities.
His experience focuses on the design of pharmaceutical and parental facilities that meet all regulatory requirements with particular attention paid to FDA and EU, OSHA, and EPA. He has also audited facilities for big pharma with regards to cGMP and containment. He has authored papers and presented seminars on Containment of Pharmaceutical Production Facilities and Pilot Plants and on Master Planning of Pharmaceutical Operations, which have appeared globally in print and on-line
  • PME 535 Good Manufacturing Practice in Pharmaceutical Facilities Design