Research Overview

Research Overview

Research in the Department advances the underlying principles that define systems and components and demonstrates the application of principles to practice. Increasingly, applications integrate a variety of themes drawn from both principles and practices, combining concepts from specific fields to create a contemporary, competitive product. The different research thrusts draw on the overlap of faculty members' interests and expertise in multiple areas, creating a team-based infrastructure of innovators seeking to advance the principles and practices enabling today's complex systems.

Primary Research Thrust Areas

Primary Research Thrust Areas include:

  • Signal Processing
  • Embedded, Real-Time, Intelligent Microelectronic Systems
  • Visual and Multimedia Information Systems
  • Networked Information Systems & Applications
  • Information Security and Forensics
ECE Research Application Areas

Application areas provide a testing ground for the practicality and performance of new principles and techniques. Representative targeted applications of ECE projects include the following:

  • Wireless transceivers
  • Ad hoc wireless networks
  • Autonomous mobile robotics
  • Telemedicine & Wireless Networks
  • Image understanding
  • Information hiding
  • Secure wireless communications
  • Reliable and efficient transmission of multimedia information
  • Cross-layer protocols for networks

Dr. Narayan Ganesan discusses advances in quantum computing research at Stevens.