Distinguished Service Professor, IEEE Fellow

Hattrick Chair Professor (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Cognitive radio networks, wireless security, steganography, steganalysis, computational biology)

Professor & NIS Graduate Program Director (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Cyber security, mobile computing, mobile healthcare, cognitive radio networks)


Associate Professor & EE Graduate Program Director (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Wireless networks, cross-layer design, game theoretic methods, multiuser detection)

University President, Professor, IEEE Fellow

Assistant Professor (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Heterogeneous and High Performance Computing, Computational and Systems Biology, Modeling and Optimization, Quantum Computing Information and Control)


Associate Professor (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Nonlinear control, autonomous mobile robotics)

Professor, IEEE Fellow (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Networks, queueing and teletraffic theory, overload and congestion controls)

Teaching Assistant Professor (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Internet measurements, healthcare, multimedia streaming, information retrieval & data mining, data visualization)


Teaching Assistant Professor (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Software engineering)

Professor, IEEE Fellow, NAE member (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Signal processing, intelligent communication networks)

Professor & EE Undergraduate Program Director (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Signal processing, detection/estimation, wireless communications and networking, radar systems)


Associate Professor & CPE Undergraduate Program Director (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Image processing, pattern recognition, machine learning, medical imaging, data networking)

Distinguished Service Professor, Computer Engineering Graduate Program Director (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Wireless networks, security, software defined radio, embedded systems)

Assistant Professor (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Compressed sensing, distributed optimization, distributed control)


Associate Dean for Research and Outreach (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Telecommunications, Security, Analytics)

Professor (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Cognitive radio network security, wireless security, steganography, steganalysis, media forensics)

Assistant Professor (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Non-invasive diagnositcs, Bio and applied electromagnetics, Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) based sensing, Miniaturized antennas, ultra-wideband antennas, Radio frequency (RF) micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS))


Professor & Department Director, IEEE Fellow (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Wireless communications and networks, cognitive and software-defined radio)

Special Faculty

Adjunct Professor (BAE)

Adjunct Professor (AT&T)

Adjunct Professor (Bell Labs), IEEE Fellow


Adjunct Professor (Broadcom)

Adjunct Professor (Qualcomm)

Adjunct Professor (MITRE)


Adjunct Professor (AT&T)

Adjunct Professor (Bell Labs), IEEE Fellow

Adjunct Professor (Juniper Networks)