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Pioneering New Markets that Transform Society

Computer science is concerned with the scientific, engineering, management and mathematical issues in developing and applying software technology in the modern information world. The Department of Computer Science at Stevens is committed to being a world leader both in education and research.

Top-Tier Education

Careers in information technology are highly valued. Jobs for professional software developers offer high pay and regular outlets for creativity, and professionals who combine a strong technical background with business skills are particularly prized. The computer science education programs in the School of Engineering and Science are therefore designed to educate the high-end IT professionals of the future by combining a strong technical spine with a senior year two-semester project course that develops the client-facing and project management skills expected of the modern IT professional.

Professional graduate programs in computer science, enterprise computing, and cybersecurity allow IT professionals to "drill down" to specific areas such as distributed systems, networks, cybersecurity, visual analytics, databases and software engineering. The innovative program in service oriented computing provides an accelerated professional education program for domain experts who have weak IT backgrounds but intend to apply Web technologies, including Web Services and service oriented architecture (SOA), in well-defined application domains.

The computer science doctoral program allows outstanding students who want to change the face of computer science to work with our world-class faculty in cutting-edge research. All doctoral candidates receive financial support and start their research immediately with an advisor.


The computer science department conducts research to produce advances in computer science for the benefit of society, and educates students to become leaders in the development and application of computer science technology.


The Computer Science department offers 9 degrees: 2 B.S. majors, 5 M.S. degrees, an Engineer degree, and a doctoral program. Only the B.S. major in computer science has ever been submitted for accreditation. The B.S. program in computer science is accredited by:

The CAC Commission of ABET
111 Market Place, Suite 1050
Baltimore, MD 21202-4012
Telephone: (410) 347-7700

The remaining programs have not been submitted for accreditation. The B.S. in cybersecurity has not been submitted for accreditation review because cybersecurity is a new field; there are only a handful of universities that offer an undergraduate cybersecurity major. Consequently, accreditation organizations have not yet developed criteria for such programs. Information systems is an established field with standard accreditation criteria. Stevens has not submitted its BS-IS program because the program was recently redefined and therefore has not been in existence in its present form long enough to be a candidate for accreditation.

The department's remaining degrees are on the graduate level. Presently, American graduate computer science programs are not reviewed for accreditation by ABET or any other major accreditation organization. This situation may change over the next few years in response to the trend toward greater quantitative evaluation and/or formal accreditation of college programs. If accreditation of graduate programs becomes common, Stevens will consider submitting its graduate programs for accreditation.

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