Department Mission

The Stevens computer science department conducts research to produce advances in computer science for the benefit of society, and educates students to become leaders in the development and application of computer science technology.


The Computer Science department offers 12 degrees: 3 BS majors, 7 MS degrees, an Engineer degree, and a doctoral program. Only the BS major in Computer Science has ever been submitted for accreditation. The BS program in Computer Science is accredited by:

The CAC Commission of ABET
111 Market Place, Suite 1050
Baltimore, MD 21202-4012
Telephone: (410) 347-7700

The remaining programs have not been submitted for accreditation. The BS in Cybersecurity has not been submitted for accreditation review because Cybersecurity is a new field; there are only a handful of universities that offer an undergraduate Cybersecurity major. Consequently, accreditation organizations have not yet developed criteria for such programs. Information systems is an established field with standard accreditation criteria. Stevens has not submitted its BS-IS program because the program was recently redefined and therefore has not been in existence in its present form long enough to be a candidate for accreditation.

The department's remaining degrees are on the graduate level. Presently, American graduate computer science programs are not reviewed for accreditation by ABET or any other major accreditation organization. This situation may change over the next few years in response to the trend toward greater quantitative evaluation and/or formal accreditation of college programs. If accreditation of graduate programs becomes common, Stevens will consider submitting its graduate programs for accreditation.

ABET Accredited BS-CS Program

The major idea underlying ABET's accreditation criteria is that a department strive for continuous improvement of its offerings. The Stevens computer science department is committed to this goal and accordingly has a Plan for Continuous Improvement.

Program Objectives

The aim of the Stevens BS-CS program is to produce graduates who have certain abilities that can be applied to their careers following graduation. These abilities are called "program objectives." Our program's objectives are listed here: BS-CS Program Objectives The program objectives are aligned with the mission of the department, school, and Institute. The department's mission is listed at the top of this page. The mission of the School of Engineering and Science is available here (School Mission Statement) while that of the Institute is available here: Insitute Mission Statement

Program Outcomes

Program outcomes are measureable goals for the learning that takes place during a student's time in the program. The overall outcomes for the program are listed here: BS-CS Program Outcomes. Not only do outcome goals exist for the overall program, but each course has its own outcomes. Those statements, as well as other information, are available here for undergraduate courses (Undergraduate course coordinator, outcome and syllabus information) and here for graduate courses (Graduate course coordinator, outcome and syllabus information).

Information for Instructors, Students, and Reviewers of the Program