The Challenge

The Maritime Systems (MS) Master's degree program has been organized to provide today's students with a graduate education in the areas of maritime industry, engineering, and management activities to stimulate and enhance their capacity for success.

Graduates of the program are equipped to address the many profound challenges facing the global maritime transportation industry. Some of the key issues include:

  • Transformation of the industry to an end-to-end logistic system of interconnected elements that comprise the Maritime Transportation System (MTS);
  • Competition among global supply chains occurring as the MTS emerges from the global economic crisis and its transformational demands;
  • and The heightened requirements for environmental concerns, as well as safety and security concerns imposed by terrorism, piracy, and other criminal activities impacting the MTS.

There are six areas ("Tracks") of emphasis for students to develop their knowledge and capabilities, including studies focused on Environmental Issues, Management Disciplines, Marine Transportation, Security Operations and Technologies, Maritime Structures, and Systems Engineering.

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