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The department offers three undergraduate degree programs and five graduate programs, in addition to a variety of graduate certificates and minors that prepare students for a successful career. What these programs have in common is a focus on the infrastructure that is the enabler for our economy and our lives. Students and faculty are actively involved in cutting-edge research in world-class labs and research centers that lay the foundation for a better future.

Major areas of current faculty research include wind engineering, soil-structure interactions, structural health monitoring, saturated and unsaturated flow modeling, advanced oxidation of hazardous wastes, statistical process control of wastewater treatment, remote and nondestructive testing of structures, stabilization/solidification of contaminated soil, physicochemical treatment of heavy metal contaminated wastes, hydrodynamic modeling of currents and the dispersion of effluents in the coastal zone, coastal sediment transport, and analysis of current and wave observations in the coastal ocean.

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