CEMS Undergraduate Curriculum

Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Curriculum

Term I
Course #Course NameLectureLabStudyCredit
CH 115General Chemistry I 3063
CH 117General Chemistry Laboratory I 0311
E 101Engineering Experiences I1001
E 121Engineering Design I0322
E 120Engineering Graphics0211
E 115Introduction to Programming 1232
MA 121Differential Calculus4082
MA 122Integral Calculus4082
PE 200Physical Education I0000
Term II
Course #Course NameLectureLabStudyCredit
CH 116General Chemistry II (1)3063
CH 118General Chemistry Laboratory II (1)0311
PEP 111Mechanics3063
E 122Engineering Design II0332
MA 123Series, Vectors, Functions, and Surfaces4082
MA 124Calculus of Two Variables4082
PE 200Physical Education II0000
MGT 103Introduction to Entrepreneurial Thinking 1202
Term III
Course #Course NameLectureLabStudyCredit
MA 221Differential Equations4084
PEP 112Electricity and Magnetism3063
E 126Mechanics of Solids4084
E 245Circuits and Systems2373
E 231Engineering Design III0322
HumHumanities 3063
PE 200Physical Education III0200
Term IV
Course #Course NameLectureLabStudyCredit
E 232Engineering Design IV2373
CHE 234Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (2)4084
CHE 210Process Analysis3033
HumHumanities 3063
PE 200Physical Education IV0200
E 344Materials Processing3063
MA 227Multivariable Calculus3063
Term V
Course #Course NameLectureLabStudyCredit
CHE 342Heat and Mass Transfer (2)3063
E 321Engineering Design V0322
CHE 332Separation Operations3063
CHE 336Fluid Mechanics3063
HumHumanities 3063
CH 243Organic Chemistry I3063
Term VI
Course #Course NameLectureLabStudyCredit
E 355Engineering Economics 3364
CHE 322Engineering Design VI (3)1453
CHE 351Reactor Design3063
E 243Probability and Statistics for Engineers3063
CHE 345Process Control, Modeling and Simulation3033
CH 281Biology and Biotechnology3063
Term VII
Course #Course NameLectureLabStudyCredit
CH 245Organic Chemistry Laboratory I0401
CHE 423Engineering Design VII (3)0843
CHE 432Chemical Engineering Laboratory1462
TG 403Senior Innovation I2002
G.E.General Elective (4)3063
T.E.Chemistry Elective3464
Course #Course NameLectureLabStudyCredit
T.E.Chemistry Elective3464
G.E.General Elective II (5)3063
CHE 424Engineering Design VIII (3)0843
TG 404Senior Innovation II1001
HumHumanities 3063
G.E.General Elective3063
(1) Basic Science electives - note: engineering programs may have specific requirements - one elective must have a laboratory component - two electives from the same science field cannot be selected
(2) Core option - specific course determined by engineering program
(3) Discipline specific course
(4) General Education Electives – chosen by the student - can be used towards a minor or option - can be applied to research or approved international studies
(5) General Education Electives chosen by the student - can be used towards a minor or option - can be applied to research or approved international studies