Energy & Green Research

Engineering Innovative Solutions

In an ecologically aware world, Stevens researchers are working urgently to devise new eco-friendly, energy efficient and economical solutions for industrial applications.

Green Chemistry
Nanoparticle catalysts for industrial chemical reactions use oxygen with only water as a byproduct

Researchers study gold and silver catalytic nanoparticles for green chemistry and sustainability. The ultimate aim is to replace current multistage, energy inefficient commercial oxidation processes in the chemical industry, which generate hazardous or undesirable byproducts, with technologies that use oxygen from air with only water as a byproduct.

Greener Natural Gas
Nanotechnology stops natural gas flaring

Advances in understanding molybdenum nanostructures and molecular mechanisms of catalytic reactions to provide improved natural gas processing technologies. Natural gas is an abundant resource that is tremendously underutilized due to a lack of efficient technologies that enable its conversion into shippable products.