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Dr. Frederic Buono

Email: [email protected]
Department:  Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Program:  Pharmaceutical Process Engineering
Dr Buono obtained his diploma of Chemical Engineering in 1997 from France. He received his PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Marseille (France). During his PhD, he developed new methods for the synthesis of medium ring systems catalyzed by palladium complexes. Prior to joining BMS, Dr Buono spent almost three years at the Univeristy of Hull (UK) as a post-doc under the supervision of Prof. D.G.Blackmond. During this period, Dr. Buono conducted mechanistic studies of chemical reactions using methods of reaction progress kinetic analysis.
General Information
Dr Frederic Buono is Research Investigator at Bristol-Myers Squibb, New Brunswick, NJ. Since 2004, he has been a member of the Chemistry Technology Group in Process and Development.

He has developed a detailed mechanistic model of the enantioselective addition of alkyl groups to aldehydes which has provided clear explanation of the phenomena of non linear effects observed for this asymmetric catalyzed reaction. Dr Buono has also investigated the reaction of auto-amplification and auto-catalysis in asymmetric synthesis, a study that has enabled the understanding of this reaction, and the results of which have been published in an international review.

In his current position, Dr. Buono analyzes organic chemical reactions using technology unique to Professor Blackmond’s group and applies his expertise to address many important scientific problems that have a direct bearing on the development of certain life-saving drugs.
  • CHE 681 Pharmaceutical Reaction Engineering