Faculty Profile Page

Dr. San Kiang

Email: [email protected]
Department:  Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Program:  Pharmaceutical Process Engineering
B.S. 1973, M.S. 1974, Eng. Sc. D. 1978, Chemical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, New York.
General Information
Dr. Kiang worked on heterogeneous catalysis in graduate school. Prior to joining Bristol-Myers Squibb in 1980 as a Research Investigator, he was a consulting / Project Engineer at Parsons Brinckeroff working on chemical and environmental process analysis and design projects in the Advanced Technology Department.

While at Bristol-Myers Squibb, he participated in introducing processes to production scale in manufacturing plants around the world. His main projects include Taxol, Irbesartan, Epothilone, Clopidogrel, Aztreonam, Fosinopril, Ceranopril, Captopril, Omapatrilat, and Abilify. He also participated in the development of many IND projects. His department is currently working on over thirty development projects.

Dr. Kiang’s major engineering interests include crystallization, mixing, filtration, reaction engineering, membrane processes and environmental modeling. Newer specialty areas his group is working on are in areas of particle engineering, nano particles, surfactant-drug substance interactions, molecular crystallization modeling, microreactor systems and in-situ process monitoring.
  • CHE 615 Separation Processes in Pharmaceutical Industry