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About the Department

Exploring the Boundaries of Innovation

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at Stevens Institute of Technology offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs with an emphasis on challenging coursework, award winning faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and unique research opportunities.

As one of the primary goals at Stevens, many of the educational programs are integrated with faculty research in order to foster creativity andentrepreneurship. The Technogenesis environment at Stevens enourages students and faculty to pursue their ideas for new technologies from concept through to commercial embodiment where appropriate, while preserving the traditional mission of an academic institution. In the CEMS Department students and faculty have recently been engaged in Technogenesis activities in the areas of microchemical systems and the processing of highly filled materials. To learn more, visit the Senior Design Projects page.

Chemical Engineers create, design, operate and improve processes which are vital to our society. The programs offered by the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science produce broad-based graduates who are prepared for careers not only in the traditional petrochemical industry, environmental engineering, and specialty chemicals, but also in such high technology areas as

  • Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering
  • Electronic and Semi-Conductor Processing
  • Ceramics
  • Plastics and other high performance materials
  • Electrochemical Processing

Materials science and engineering impacts almost all industrial activities, and has been a key enabler of most of the technological advances that have shaped the modern world. This field encompasses a spectrum from new materials development, to exploitation of their functionality through molecular and nanoscale design, high-degree of controlled synthesis and assembly, and incorporation of their (multi)functionality into components, devices, or systems. It also includes sustainability issues related to our finite materials resources and the impact of materials utilization and disposal on the environment.