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Nanotechnology Research
Empowering Technological Advancement

New Methods Create Functional Artificial Tissues
Revolutionary, life-like nano scaffolds create the perfect environment for growing realistic tissues in the lab.

Dr. Xiaojun Yu and Dr. Hongjun Wang are working with several different types of tissue engineering; including skin, bone, nerve and cardiac muscle. They utilize principles of nanotechnology and a "bottom-up" philosophy that may result in exponentially faster recovery times and improve patient integration, as well as enable the introduction of 3-dimensional multilayer tissue formation due to advanced scaffold techniques, which have been developed in their respective labs.

Nanofibers Grow Better Bones
Growing load-bearing human bone tissues with nanotechnology to help speed recovery of America's 6.2 million annual bone fractures.

Current standards for bone repair can lead to rapid bone fusion but with limited mechanical strength often due to the lack of cortical bone tissue which is difficult to harvest without pain and severe morbidity. Dr. Hongjun Wang and his collaborators have developed a revolutionary "bottom-up" approach for reconstructing intricate bone tissue with the potential to form hierarchical cortical bone.

Creating Next-Gen Prosthetic Coatings
Dr. Svetlana Sukhishvili honored for innovative work on multilayer polymer films leading to next-generation coatings of prosthetic implants and medical devices.

Polymer coatings are used in common everyday products, from window tinting to prosthetics. Scientists are developing a new generation of multilayer coatings that greatly expand their potential. Dr. Svetlana Sukhishvili has been awarded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) the illustrious Special Creativity Award to continue her cutting-edge research on multilayer polymer films.



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