Glavy Lab

     Glavy Lab            McLean 326     x5172           (For more information, please contact Dr. Glavy .)



The long-range goal of the Glavy Lab is to outline the molecular mechanisms of the mitotic breakdown of the nuclear pore complex (NPC) with a main focus on the effects of cell-cycle-dependent modifications on the regulation of nucleoporins (starting with the Nup107-160 subcomplex) and hence the NPC.


Ph.D. candidates

Amanda DiGuilio

Zhi Li

Yujia Zhai

our recent Cell cover  

Haoshuang Zhao


Master's Students



Michelle Castroagudin (BS/MS)

Jacqueline Katz,
H.S. Biology Teacher

Kathleen Nevola (BS/MS)


Undergraduate Researchers


Kristin Allocco

Patrick Depaolo

Brendan Gallagher



ECOES reverberations: Pre-College Research Experience

Rita Sokolova

ECOES group with Amanda

Guest researcher, Grace Glavy


And now at Stevens.....


Michelle Castroagudin
(Glavy Lab)

Kathleen Nevola
(Glavy Lab)

Gabi Green
(Yu Lab)





  Ph.D. graduates...  

Tommy White, Ph.D., now at
Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Yifei Bao, Ph.D.,  
now at Goldman-Sachs

  ...and former Post-docs  

Dr. Simarna Kaur,
Johnson & Johnson


Dr. Eun-Hee Kang,
Lecturer, CCB