Igniting Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Faculty in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry and Biological Sciences are at the forefront of research and entrepreneurship. Many faculty hold patents in emerging technology, including sensors, biofilms, and optics. For Dr. Vikki Hazelwood, science is not always about lab coats and microscopes. Dr. Hazelwood's Lab for Translational Research in Medicine (TRM) supports a revolutionary process that "translates" clinical needs into laboratory bench work with real world applications. Such efforts are breaking long-standing barriers between the clinic and the lab that have in the past hindered doctors, scientists, and patients. Through discovery of the needs of patients, biomedical engineers at Stevens are more likely to make their own research discoveries more viable in clinical practice. Today, she continues to engage with doctors, surgeons, and other clinicians to brainstorm their patients' nagging problems, which are then converted into laboratory experiments and patented solutions.

By creating an environment that recognizes and rewards innovation and promotes intellectual property, the Schaefer School of Engineering and Science leverages key faculty and student talent to encourage technological innovation. The school fosters an educational environment where undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and industry jointly nurture new technologies from concept to marketplace realization. 

Watch these videos for examples of the many entrepreneurial endeavors undertaken by students.

Elevator Pitch Competitors
Students developed a thoracic catheter for safer surgical procedures
Students created a comfortable sleep apnea mask for patients diagnoses with obstructive sleep apnea.
The Rapid Diagnostic Device diagnoses Chlamydia at point-of-care.
The Digital Triage Assistant helps technicians by recording all five vital signs of patients.

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