Graduate Certificate Programs

Graduate Certificate Programs

Advance your career with "mini-graduate" programs leading to the Certificate of Special Study in one of six areas:

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biomedical Chemistry
  • Chemical Biology
  • Chemical Physiology
  • Polymer Chemistry

Students in these certificate programs must meet the same admission and performance standards as regular degree graduate students. Each of the certificate programs requires twelve credits (four courses), all of which are transferable to the appropriate Master's degree program. Please consult our Graduate Student Handbook for additional information.

Students may be admitted for study in a Graduate Certificate Program consisting of four courses. The student may not enroll in any other courses besides those that are part of the Certificate Program. Although courses in a Graduate Certificate Program can be credited towards a Masters Degree, there is no implication or promise that the student in a Certificate Program will be admitted to the Masters degree program. The student's record must indicate that he/she has the necessary background to complete the courses satisfactorily.

A Graduate Certificate in BME can be offered at off-campus locations if a sufficient number of students register at a particular off-campus site. Off-Campus locations are currently under development. 

Graduate Certificate Requirements:

Minimum: 12 credits, 3.0GPA
Core: 12 credits

The award-winning Stevens Webcampus offers a Graduate Certificate program in Biomedical Engineering. This unique Biomedical Engineering program is designed for individual work or interdisciplinary collaboration. For teams of students, thesis and other projects are managed together, with each student representing a different discipline, contributing to the project in his or her area of strength while sharing knowledge with other team members. For more information, visit the Stevens Webcampus website.


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