The sponsored senior design program is the culmination of the undergraduate engineering management education.

Stevens EM students at Innovation Expo
Students work on cross disciplinary teams and gain real-world experiences through senior design. 

 Typically spanning two to three semesters, students work in teams of up to four persons on sponsored consulting, entrepreneurial and product development projects.  The scope of the project is decided in discussion between the sponsor and a Stevens senior design coordinator. A suitable project is one that provides value to the sponsor, is appropriate to the time scale and meets the academic requirements of the program.

These projects are typically conducted in the two-semester design sequence during their senior year and the goal is to have students work on multi-disciplinary teams so that they gain experience in the type of environment that they will experience in their careers. Stevens' faculty members with expertise in the field(s) of the project, together with the sponsor, provide joint supervision of the groups. Progress is presented twice per semester and a comprehensive final report is turned over at completion.


Sponsored senior design can significantly benefit both the students and the sponsoring organization with the students gaining "real world" experience and the sponsor adding value to their projects. Sponsorship provides a context for the project that can afford the students a meaningful bridge to professional work. After an initial proposal is accepted, feedback to the sponsor is typically maintained through site visits, phone calls and e-mail.

Recent industry sponsors have included:

  • Century 21 Department Stores
  • Flintco
  • Construction Solutions
  • UPS
  • Ethicon
  • Stryker Orthopedic
  • Medina Consultants
  • Magnificent Baby
  • FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
  • Lockheed Martin
  • USPS (United States Postal Service)
  • New Jersey Department of Agriculture
  • NYC Office of Emergency Management
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense, Rapid Reaction Technology Office (RRTO).
  • City of Elizabeth, NJ
  • City of Hoboken, NJ

If you are interested in sponsoring a project, please email senior design coordinator Eirik Hole.

Mihalasky Award

This award is given to the senior design team in engineering management who has distinguished themselves in developing a comprehensive senior design project that reflects that standard of professionalism that John Mihalasky taught his students.

Senior Design Projects

Projects shown below have been organized by the year of completion. Click on project name to see a project description.


Clear Skies Consulting Group

Clear Skies Consulting Group logo


Connect Tech

Connect Tech logo


Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain

MTA Asset Managment

Garmin logo


OrthoInsight Logo



Hackensack UMC

Hackensack UMC logo


FAA Design Competition 

Federal Aviation Administration logo


L'Oreal Logo


Garmin logo

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain Logo




SimpleQ logo


Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson logo

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain Logo


ARK App logo



Barnacle logo


Disney Discover

Disney Discover logo

Hoboken Sync

Hoboken Sync logo

IM Spire

IM Spire logo


Stevens logo


SWILT logo


Hoboken Guided Tour App

Stevens logo - Hoboken Guided Tour App

FAA Competition for Universities

Federal Aviation Administration logo

Hoboken Taxi Terminal Re-Engineering

Hoboken Taxi Terminal logo

Smart City

Combination of Hoboken and SSE logo

Virtual Antarctica

Multiple logos including NSF, Lockheed Martin, and SSE



E-Advising System

Stevens logo - E-advising system

Lockheed Martin Modeling and Simulation and Analysis

Multiple logos including Lockheed Martin and Project Alpha

Bar Logistics

ROGO bar logistics logo


MTA Data Visualization

MTA logo

Energy Capture for Electronics

Drawing of energy capture electronics


Multiple logos including Rapid Reaction Technology Office and Perseus

FAA Design Competition for Universities

Federal Aviation Administration logo


Logos of SERC and Naval Sea Systems Command

Solar Decathlon - Ecohabit - Engineering Management Team

Solar Decathlon - EcoHabit logo




Bookhives logo

FAA Design Competition for Universities

Federal Aviation Administration logo

Hoboken Green Roof Initiative

Hoboken logo - green roof initiative


DormStorms logo


The Hoboken Hop Reliability Dashboard

The Hoboken Hop logo

Senior Design Marketplace

Stevens Senior Design Marketplace logo


SurroundMe logo


City of Hoboken

City of Hoboken logo

Magnificent Baby

Magnificent baby logo


OrderApp logo

Stevens Ducks

Stevens Ducks logo

The Hop

The Hop logo


Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
Brown Brothers Harriman Co logo

Century 21

Century 21 Department store logo

Disney Imaginations Contest

Disney Imaginations logo

Fast Financial Aid

Fast Financial Aid logo


gravtrav travel logo

Navy ASVC Contest
Image of electronics on table and the words Navy ASVC Contest


RollEase logo


S&EAL logo

Steam LEEDers

Steam LEEDers logo

Stevens Energy Solutions

Stevens Energy Solutions logo


TRUST Technologies Group
Trust Technologies Group logo

Municipal Energy Frontiers
Municipal Energy Frontiers logo

Formula SAE Competition 2009
Formula SAE Competition 2009 logo

Flintco Bid Assistant
Flintco Constructive Solutions logo

Federal Aviation Administration logo

Southwestern Hoboken
Image of construction professionals view blueprint on table


NYPH Reengineering Project
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital logo

PHIT logo

Century 21
Century 21 Department store logo

The Stevens Student Alumni Network
Stevens logo with clipart of people


Associated Property Management
Associated Property Management logo

Jacobus Management
Image of home and shrubbery

Manhattan Skyline
The Manhattan Skyline logo

Duck Equipment Inc (DEI)
Stevens Ducks lacrosse player


21st Century Consultations
Image Alexander Calder artwork with words Samuel C. Williams Library

Elizabeth Emergency Alert System [EEAS]
Elizabeth Emergency Alert Systems logo

USPS Mail Transport Equipment Study [MTES] Team
United States Postal Service logo

Scanning Solutions
bioscrypt logo


Step Up
Logo shield with acronyms US on the right

Technovations Inc
General Ideas logo

UPS logo

LWJJ Consulting
Bilinguals Inc. logo


Pro-Trak Agro-Trak
NJ Department of Agriculture logo

Redevelopment of Paterson, NJ

City of Paterson logo

Site Outlook Motor Sentinel

Housing Solutions Inc

LOK Test Corp

Polonia Construction Inc