The School of Systems & Enterprises offers several awards and professional development opportunities.

Four Plus One Program

The School of Systems & Enterprises offers a unique four plus one program designed for Stevens undergraduate engineering and science students who wish to jointly pursue a Masters of Engineering in Engineering Management (MEEM) or Systems Engineering (MESE) degree concurrently with their undergraduate degree. Admission criteria to the program are junior standing, a formal interview and a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.2. The advantage of the 4+1 program is an undergraduate and graduate degree in 5 years or less.

Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education program at Stevens provides "real-world experience" to students while they pursue their education. The success of the program is built on the capabilities and enthusiasm of the co-op students and the challenging work assignments provided by the co-op employers. About 50% of EM students are enrolled in the Co-operative Education Program. At Stevens, we believe that cooperative education is first and foremost a powerfully effective educational process. Co-op is built on a theory/practice model of learning that unfolds through five increasingly sophisticated work assignments. In addition to the educational benefits, co-op helps student clarify and test their career goals and earn money to pay part of their college expenses.

Senior Design

Senior Design is the culmination of an engineering management education, typically spanning the three semesters in junior and senior year. The scope of the project is decided in discussion between a sponsor and the Stevens senior design coordinator. A suitable project is one that provides value to the sponsor, is appropriate to the time scale and meets the academic requirements of the program.
Sponsorship provides a context for the project and is a meaningful bridge to the "real world" of professional work. In keeping with this, our goal is to have students work on cross-disciplinary teams so that they gain experience in the type of environment that they will experience in their careers.
Sponsored Senior Design can significantly benefit both the students and the sponsoring organization. Recent industrial sponsors have been United Parcel Service, Ethicon, New Jersey Department of Agriculture, United States Postal Service, the City of Elizabeth (NJ), Century 21 and Medina Consultants.

Engineering Management Honor Society

Stevens Institute of Technology is the Beta chapter of Epsilon Mu Eta, the Engineering Management Honor Society. In addition to being eligible for engineering honor societies such as Tau Beta Pi, excellent academic and community service allows consideration for membership into the Engineering Management Honor society as well.

American Society for Engineering Management

The American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) exists to help its members to develop and improve their skills as practicing managers of engineering. Stevens has a chapter of ASEM that holds regular events for students on campus. Some of these events include resume writing workshops, career panel discussions and visits with the US Military Academy at West Point's chapter of ASEM.

Areas of Concentration

Some students may wish to cluster electives in ways that would help them gain expertise in area of specialization within engineering management. Engineering management students can focus their field of interest by concentrating in either systems engineering or financial engineering by taking three specific courses among two technical electives and three general electives in various ways.


  • The Hans J. Lang Award for Excellence in Cost Engineering and Engineering Economics
  • The Frederick Winslow Taylor Award
  • The Humphreys/ Ennis/ Lesser Award
  • The John Mihalasky Award
  • Donald N. Merino Award for Academic Excellence