The strategic plan for the School of Systems and Enterprises is exactly that — a plan. A roadmap for progress within the school that now lies in the capable hands of faculty and staff.

Now that the strategic plan has been laid out, focusing on specific areas of growth needed for the school, a series of program and function-aligned implementation plans will be developed by the SSE academic leadership, faculty, staff and students. Working together on the execution of the strategic plan is vital to its realization as a whole.

Much like the overarching strategic plan for Stevens Institute of Technology, the SSE strategic plan is a living, breathing document. Goals can be tailored and augmented to better suit the future successes of the school, and new goals can be added based on achievements. The SSE faculty and staff are wholly committed to seeing the entirety of the strategic plan to its full and satisfying fruition.

The SSE strategic plan has been carefully crafted to address the needs of students, faculty and staff, as well as to successfully address the goals listed in the Stevens strategic plan midpoint update.