Faculty research efforts in the School of Systems and Enterprises continually advance the understanding of complex systems and enterprises. SSE faculty research is regularly published in leading academic journals and periodicals.

Multidimensional approach to complex systems resilience analysis
2016; Reliability Engineering and System Safety; Gama Dessavre, D. | Ramirez-Marquez, J.E. | Barker, K.

Stochastic areas of diffusions and applications
2016; Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications; Cui, Z. | Ma, J.

Evolutionary systemic risk: Fisher information flow metric in financial networks dynamics
2016; Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications;Khashanah, K. | Yang, H.

A Systems Engineering Perspective on the Revised Defense Acquisition System
2016; Systems Engineering; Cilli, M. | Parnell, G.S. | Cloutier, R. | Zigh, T.

A review of definitions and measures of system resilience
2016; Reliability Engineering and System Safety; Hosseini, S. | Barker, K. | Ramirez-Marquez, J.E.

Insights into the eldercare conundrum through complementary lenses of Boardman's SSM and TOC's Evaporating Cloud
2016; European Journal of Operational Research; Sommer, K.A. | Mabin, V.J.

Flow-based vulnerability measures for network component importance: Experimentation with preparedness planning
2016; Reliability Engineering and System Safety;Nicholson, C.D. | Barker, K. | Ramirez-Marquez, J.E.

Optimal Placement of public-access AEDs in urban environments
2015; Computers and Industrial Engineering; Bonnet, B. | Gama Dessavre, D. | Kraus, K. | Ramirez-Marquez, J.E.

When the System Is an Enterprise: At the Cutting Edge
2015; IEEE Systems, Man, & Cybernetics Magazine; Rouse, W.B.

Model-based Concept of Operations Development Using Gaming Simulations: Preliminary Findings
2015; Simulation and Gaming; Korfiatis, P. | Cloutier, R. | Zigh, T.

An Agile and Collaborative Framework for Effective governance to Enhance Management in Large-Scale Enterprise Business systems: The Case of Apple Inc
2015; Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management; Chikhale, M.M. | Mansouri, M.

Efficient network structures with separable heterogeneous connection costs
2015; Economics Letters; Heydari, B. | Mosleh, M. | Dalili, K.

Extracting and evaluating conversational patterns in social media: A socio-semantic analysis of customer's reaction to the launch of new products using Twitter streams
2015; International Journal of Information Management; Lipizzi, C. | Iandoli, L. | Ramirez Marquez, J.E.

Assessment of the transition-rates importance of Markovian systems at steady state using the unscented transformation
2015; Reliability Engineering and System Safety; Rocco S., C.M. | Emmanuel Ramirez-Marquez, J.

Network modularity is essential for cooperation under uncertainty
2015; Scientific Reports; Gianetto, D.A. | Heydari, B.

Catalysts of cooperation in system of systems: The role of diversity and network structure
2015; IEEE Systems Journal; Gianetto, D.A. | Heydari, B.

Emergence of modularity in system of systems: Complex networks in heterogeneous environments
2015; IEEE Systems Journal; Heydari, B. | Dalili, K.

Microgrids frequency control considerations within the framework of the optimal generation scheduling problem
2015; IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid; Hajimiragha, A.H. | Dadash Zadeh, M.R. | Moazeni, S.

Using Bayesian regression and EM algorithm with missing handling for software effort prediction
2015; Information and Software Technology; Zhang, W. | Yang, Y. | Wang, Q.

Spreading systems engineering and engineering management know-how across capstone design: A comparison of an existing course to a pilot
2015; ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings; Abel, K.D.

Case study of energy behavior: systems thinking approach
2015; 9th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference, SysCon 2015 - Proceedings; Khansari, N. | Darabi, H.R. | Mansouri, M. | Mostashari, A.