Understanding complexity in modern systems is this century's critical challenge. 

2017-2018 Research Review Cover
SSE marks its 10th anniversary. In this, our second annual research review, we highlight the history of SSE, and provide a glimpse of the future. Download the 2017 / 2018 SSE Research Review.

The research enterprise at the School of Systems and Enterprises (SSE) is an extensive, deep and a fundamental part of the fabric of the school. From addressing the nation's critical need for more resilient infrastructure to improving healthcare systems to developing low cost, reliable wireless broadband access technologies to investigating cyber security challenges in across multiple domains, research at SSE is a dynamic collaborative interplay between academia, industry and government. 

These collaborations blur the boundaries between academia and the industry/government reality, and foster intellectual breakthroughs that are academic, with the ability to be translated and applied to a wide range of real-world initiatives. For instance, Stevens is now part of one of the largest autonomous vehicle research contracts with the Federal Highway Administration due to assistant professor Dr. Yagenah Hayeri's work on how autonmous vehicle systems are changing transportation systems and society.

From faculty who are well-known scholars to undergraduates students, the School of Systems and Enterprises' community works with internal and external stakeholders to create powerful technologies, tools and sustainable solutions that address pressing technical and social challenges, while expanding human knowledge through analysis, innovation and insight.

Designing Real-World Solutions

Research in the School of Systems & Enterpises is focused on addressing real-world challenges. We make this possible by leveraging the following elements. 

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