Yehia Massoud, Dean of the School of Systems and Enterprises with 2019 Ansary Competition first-place winning team – LifeSkills Software.

It is a great honor to lead the School of Systems and Enterprises (SSE), one of the first schools in the world dedicated to systems science and engineering, into this new academic year. I am excited to see the school build on its strengths as a world leader in systems science and engineering, to see groundbreaking research performed, and to watch our new and returning students grow, undertake amazing work, and rise to every challenge presented to them. I'm very glad to see all of our new and returning undergraduate and graduate students, as well as our faculty and staff, ready to begin what will be a fruitful and rewarding year. This year's incoming class to the School of Systems and Enterprises is the largest one in our ten-plus year history.

The School of Systems and Enterprises is proud of its strategic plan, entitled Planning for Success, Strategic Plan 2018-2023. For the next five years, we have closely aligned our core goals with Stevens Institute of Technology’s overarching strategic plan, The Future. Ours To Create. Our strategic plan focuses on five main strategic objectives which will propel the School of Systems and Enterprises to world-renowned academic eminence. The goals outline how the school will effectively educate tomorrow’s systems leaders through an interdisciplinary approach to education, create an atmosphere of collaborative and quality research within SSE that emphasizes our leadership in systems engineering, invest in multi-use academic spaces for students to collaborate with peers on school projects, consider new additions to curricula and engage with alumni.