Driven by real-world applicability, corporate education in the School of Systems & Enterprises (SSE) empowers professionals and technical leaders to make a positive and lasting impact on their people, organization and society.

With over 15 years of professional development and corporate education experience, the School of Systems & Enterprises (SSE) at Stevens Institute of Technology is attuned to helping organizations achieve and maintain that competitive edge. Continuous adaptation is essential, and being a leader among leaders is critical. From graduate degree and certificate programs to professional development workshops, SSE at Stevens offers a range of professional education and lifelong learning options for systems, software and engineering management professionals. Best-in-class courses, programs and workshops can be tailored to meet your company’s and employees' needs at all levels of engineering education.

The SSE Advantage

One of the nation’s first schools dedicated to systems science andengineering, the School of Systems & Enterprises offers corporate partners the opportunity to learn from a global leader in systems education and research. Courses are taught by instructors with both academic and industry experience. Participants build, enhance and monitor systems through application driven degree and certificate programs that offer training in relevant technologies addressing real-world issues and managing complexity. We offer flexible scheduling, a combination of synchronous and asynchronous sessions, instructor office hours and the choice of online or on-site class sessions.

“IBM students from across the globe have participated in systems engineering programs from Stevens with significant benefits for our business.”

ralph nelson, vice president, IBM

Custom Curriculum, Industry Experts

To meet the diverse needs of our global partners, we work individually with each partner to develop and design courses that cater to their specific requirements. Corporate workshops and graduate courses are taught by professors with extensive industry leadership roles. These real-world insights elevate the classes by combining the theoretical knowledge with the practical experiences gained working in the field.

These courses are offered on-site at various partner locations worldwide, online through the award-winning Stevens WebCampus or on campus in Hoboken. To learn more about how your organization can benefit from a relationship with the SSE, contact Dr. Carlo Lipizzi by phone (201.216.3303) or email at [email protected].