Driven by real-world applicability, corporate education in the School of Systems & Enterprises (SSE) empowers professionals and technical leaders to make a positive and lasting impact on their people, organization and society.

 Organizations that want to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and succeed in today's complex business environment must attract, cultivate and invest in their employees.

Leadership in Systems Engineering

The SSE is uniquely focused solely on systems. Stevens leads the U.S. Department of Defense Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC), working with more than 20 universities. Based on a collaborative model, the school has structured alliances with global enterprises to ensure a climate of innovation and transformation. We provide our partners access to the best academic and research facilities and empower them with critical knowledge that enables them to meet their business needs and rise to technological challenges.

“IBM students from across the globe have participated in systems engineering programs from Stevens with significant benefits for our business.”

ralph nelson, vice president, IBM

Industry Leader Professors

Corporate workshops and graduate courses  are taught by professors with extensive industry experience  These real-world insights elevate the classes with a combination of  the theoretical with the practical. Participants will get to know the professors and have one-to-one interactions with them. Whether the course is in-person or online, the students will be engaged in a dynamic, interactive learning experience.

  • Experienced, industry  professionals
  • Bring real, world experience to courses and students
  • Instructors incorporate their knowledge and experience in the delivery of the course content
  • Class projects are aligned with current

Tailored Curriculum, Customized Courses

To meet the diverse needs of our global partners, we work individually with each partner to develop and design courses that cater to their specific requirements. These courses are offered on-site at various partner locations worldwide, online through the award-winning Stevens WebCampus or on campus in Hoboken. To learn more about how your organization can benefit from a relationship with the SSE, contact Dr. Carlo Lipizzi by phone (201.216.3303) or email ([email protected]).