SSE Dean Research Incentive Award announcement.

The SSE Dean Research Incentive Award was created to support the acquisition of multi-user research instruments and aims to facilitate current and new research projects with the main purpose of attracting external funding and promoting faculty collaboration at SSE. 

The SSE Dean Research Incentive Award is open to both tenure stream and non-tenure stream faculty at SSE. Small proposals (including 1-2 faculty) may request up to $10,000, medium size proposals (including 2-3 faculty) may request up to $20,000, and large proposals (including more than three faculty) may request up to $40,000. Faculty may participate only in one proposal. The Dean expects to award up to three small awards, up to two medium size awards and one large proposal, depending on the quality of the submissions and availability of funds. The award is limited to equipment acquisition only and cannot be used to cover travel and conference costs or student funding.

The proposals must include:

  • An overview of the project outlining the objectives, significance and innovation of the proposed research
  • A description of the equipment to be purchased and the research activities it will support
  • A description of how the proposed equipment purchase will help attract future funding and collaborations
  • The broader impacts of the equipment acquisition to research and student training activities at SSE
  • A  plan defining each faculty member's roles and responsibilities in the proposed research
  • The proposed budget and supporting quote documents for the research equipment to be purchased from the vendor