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Engineering Management Minor

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The engineering management (EM) minor focuses on giving engineering students a basic understanding of economics, accounting, statistics, project-management methods, and analysis tools necessary to manage technical operations and projects effectively.

The minor is open to all engineering and engineering technology majors and provides the student with understanding of basic concepts relevant to the management of engineering operations. Students who anticipate moving from technical to managerial positions during their careers may wish to consider this minor.

Required Courses for EM Minor

  • EM 224: Informatics

  • EM 301: Accounting and Business Analysis

  • EM 360: Operations Management and Process Engineering

  • EM 480: Managing the Development Enterprise

EM minors are expected to take the following courses as part of their engineering curriculum:

Required Engineering Core

  • E 355 Engineering Economics or ENGR 355 Engineering Economics or IDE 399 Engineering Economics & Project Management

  • ENGR 243 Probability and Statistics for Engineers or ENGR 241 Probability and Statistics with Data Science Applications

  • IDE 400/401/402 Senior Innovation

Required Humanities Core

  • BT 243: Macroeconomics

  • BT 244: Microeconomics

Message from Director

Dr. Kathryn Abel, Director of Undergraduate Academics, Engineering Management

The engineer's role has changed from performing solely technical operations to being involved in the integration of engineering, technology and business operations. The engineering management discipline fills this critical education need by graduating engineers who understand the increasing demand for efficiency, effectiveness and integration in engineering and business operations across varied industries.