Technology has completely changed the ways in which products and services are sold today.

A student presents her findings in a marketing class.
Students at Stevens get hands-on training in the kinds of technology that are changing how marketers work to engage their audience.

Big Data has given marketers a limitless wealth of information into the habits and behaviors of their customers, and social media and mobile communications mean messages can be targeted to specific people at specific places during specific times. But to capitalize on those advantages, you need to be able to interpret all that data to create actionable strategy — a specialty at Stevens. Here, you'll experiment directly with these tools to create and manage campaigns, and use analytics to adjust strategies based on audience behavior.

Students who major in Marketing Innovation & Analytics graduate able to bring a results-driven, creative approach to traditional and new media campaigns, and will understand how to apply analytical methods to track and ensure success.

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The history of technology-driven innovation at Stevens gives students in the Marketing Innovation & Analytics major incredible advantages as they enter this dynamic industry. Professionals in this space must be able to use technology tools and new platforms to quickly analyze large sets of data and pivot based on the findings. The wealth of technology available to Stevens students in class prepares future analysts and content strategists to think creatively about ways to leverage these tools to take advantage of emerging market opportunities. Additionally, Stevens faculty are recognized experts in areas like social network analytics, virtual behavior and digital marketing strategy, ensuring courses prioritize the cutting-edge skills most sought by employers.

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You grew up surrounded by technology — so did the School of Business. Technology is at the heart of what we do, whether it's research into fake online reviews or crowd wisdom, or class projects in app development or social network analytics. Stevens will give you new perspectives on technology as you prepare for a career in a fast-changing business world.

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