Whether you believe leaders are born or made, this major will teach you to think like a tech-focused problem-solver who confidently manages people and projects.

A student answers questions from a professor during a management class.
Stevens professors encourage students to challenge management theories, which allows them to share their real-world experience in industry with the leaders of tomorrow.

You'll also take advantage of a flexible curriculum that will give you insight on global leadership, project management, entrepreneurship and beyond.

Students who complete the Management major combine a broad business and technology skills set with the project and people management skills required of entry-level employees looking to prove they belong on the leadership track.

Top careers in management

The training offered in the Management program makes this a suitable degree for students with a general interest in business and management who are looking for exposure to a variety of industry categories to help them understand where their interests lie and how to take leadership roles in such fields. Common careers include business analyst, management consultant and project manager.

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