To create lasting impact in the digital age, business research must emphasize the roles technology, data and analytics play in launching new products, encouraging innovation, and managing people and processes.

That's what sets apart research at the School of Business at Stevens. Here, our faculty are exploring concepts like digital innovation, crowdsourcing and social media to see how they can be difference-makers in industry. 

Whether it's seeking publication in some of the most prominent business journals or organizing the kinds of conferences that bring thought leaders together in search of discovery, faculty from the School of Business at Stevens are at the forefront when it comes to research that creates lasting, meaningful impact. Furthermore, the School of Business is committed to creating opportunities for eager students — whether undergraduates or Ph.D. candidates — to get involved in research work that addresses problems faced by industry and pushes the limits of academic knowledge. 

Doctoral programs at the School of Business

The Ph.D. programs at the School of Business are unique for their emphasis on encouraging students to research how new technologies and innovations can be leveraged to solve problems and create opportunities in the digital age. 

A male student listens intently as a female professor leads a class discussion in the Ph.D. program.

Ph.D. in Business Administration

Students in the Business Administration program receive close guidance from faculty as they prepare for the rigors of a career in academia. Special emphasis is placed on getting published in high-impact journals. 

Ph.D. in Business Administration
Five students working at a Bloomberg terminal in the Hanlon Lab.

Ph.D. in Data Science

The Ph.D. in Data Science is designed to prepare students to lead research efforts in academia or industry in this emerging discipline. Courses emphasize the latest techniques and new perspectives in machine learning, data visualization and beyond.

Ph.D. in Data Science
Dr. Khaldoun Hashanah works with a pair of students using Bloomberg terminals in the Hanlon Lab.

Ph.D. in Financial Engineering

The first doctoral program of its kind in the United States, the Ph.D. in Financial Engineering is ideally suited to prepare students to do cutting-edge research or high-level design in disciplines like statistics, operations, quantitative finance and systemic risk.

Ph.D. in Financial Engineering

Research expertise

Stevens faculty conduct research that aims to leverage technology and analytics in solving the most pressing problems of our time.

The Stevens advantage

Research headlines

Conferences and Events

The School of Business hosts regular conferences that offer academics and industry professionals alike the opportunity to better understand how Stevens research creates meaningful impact in industry.

Dr. Ionut Florescu stands behind a Stevens podium as he welcomes the crowd to the HFF Conference.

High-Frequency Finance and Analytics

Hundreds of scholars, researchers and business professionals visit Stevens each year to attend this multiday conference, which launched in 2009. Topics have included modeling for high-frequency data, regulation, systemic risk and high-frequency trading strategy.

Michelle Willis speaks during a panel discussion at the SAIL conference.

Annual SAIL Conference

The Stevens Alliance for Innovation and Leadership hosts an annual event showcasing faculty research in areas like digital innovation, high-velocity organizations and social data analytics as a driver of innovation.

SAILing forward
A male panelist in a light suit gestures to a screen filled with data during a FinCyberSec event.


The Financial Cybersecurity Project hosts two annual events aimed at better understanding the evolving threats facing financial markets interconnected through new technologies.

A male panelist in a light suit speaking during the finance conference.

Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurial Finance

Entrepreneurial finance is changing how businesses like Uber and Facebook get their start. This conference attracts researchers in this area to discuss the changing role of venture capital in business formation.

Changing how startups start

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