Professors Gregory Prastacos and Michael zur Muehlen discuss business process research just outside the Hanlon Financial Systems Lab.
Research at Stevens is driven by a desire to find practical solutions to management and technology challenges in the business world.

Research at the School of Business is supported by three centers and one industry-academia consortium. Each of these centers makes important contributions to the kind of innovative, problem-solving research faculty at Stevens conduct. The centers allow for an organized dissemination of research, allow faculty to jointly develop research topics and ideas, expose doctoral students to cutting-edge topics within their areas of interest, and create a gateway for managers and organizations in nearby New York City and beyond to directly interact with faculty working on concepts that serve their business needs. 

Important findings from School of Business researchers are disseminated through an annual research review produced by the school, as well as through the Stevens Alliance for Innovation and Leadership. The Alliance shares best practices and research developments within a network of managers in business and government in an effort to improve how leaders guide innovation and approach opportunities. 

School of Business research centers

Dr. George Calhoun is the director of the Hanlon Center, which uses high-tech tools and systems to investigate problems in finance and analytics.

Hanlon Financial Systems Center

Research at this center addresses complex problems facing the global financial system as it is influenced and expanded by technology, with key themes including cybersecurity, high-frequency markets, risk management, quantitative finance, financial engineering, regulation, business intelligence and analytics, and information systems. 

On the cutting edge of finance
Dr. Jeffrey Nickerson, director of the Center for Decision Technologies, is an information systems and social media expert.

Center for Decision Technologies

The Center for Decision Technologies performs funded research on topics related to decision-making. Researchers combine perspectives from information systems, management science, organization science, cognitive science and social network analysis to bring new techniques to areas of great need in industry, such as crowdsourcing, collective intelligence, Big Data and social networks.

Inside the Center for Decision Technologies
Dr. Michael zur Muehlen, director of the Center for Business Process Innovation, leads research into how business processes influence corporate success.

Center for Business Process Innovation

This center studies the interplay between business processes and the organization as a whole, especially the advancement of methods and tools that can support organizational decision-making. 

The Consortium for Corporate Entrepreneurship is led by Dr. Peter Koen, who founded it and has expanded its collaborations with industry to examine innovation and product development.

Consortium for Corporate Entrepreneurship

The consortium was developed to determine the most effective practices at the front end of the innovation process to increase the number, speed and rate of success of profitable products and services entering development. Its sponsors include 3M, Corning, ExxonMobil, Proctor & Gamble, WL Gore, Intel, Goodyear and Nike.

How Stevens influences entrepreneurs