As technical employees rise in an organization, their ability to take the next step depends on their ability to speak the language of business — accounting, economics, finance, strategy and marketing.

Brochure for master's in Technology Management.

It was for this audience Stevens created its master's program in Technology Management, which helps technical professionals reach for the corporate suite through a curriculum that teaches the lingua franca of business, challenges conventions about effective leadership and teamwork, and encourages a deeper appreciation for innovation, technology and their disruptive roles in industry. The high-level nature of the coursework requires students to have at least five years of professional experience in order to be admitted.

“We’re introduced to a wide variety of business aspects — marketing, public speaking, accounting, strategy, teamwork. When you are trying to get the business skills set to launch yourself in a new direction, this program is a really good choice.”

Maria Bell, M.S. Technology Management '15; clinical research coordinator, Morristown Medical Center

Students complete the Technology Management degree program by attending classes every other Saturday for two years. In that time, they develop the skills to leverage the rapidly changing technological landscape to solve challenging problems, position technology to accomplish goals and lead innovation across organizations.

Professionals who are interested in a more comprehensive examination of these topics, along with an international business component that includes a visit to another country, can continue taking classes twice a month for another year to earn an EMBA.

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