A group of three Stevens students reviews some findings as they prepare a presentation in their management class.
Students put lessons in collaboration to work while handling projects for real companies in the MBA program.

There's no better way to prove the value of a business education than by putting it to test where it counts — in the real world. At Stevens, we ensure graduate business students get that advantage through the Field Consulting Program, which provides an opportunity to apply the knowledge and insight gained in the classroom to an actual business problem. Students in the Field Consulting Program work as a team, under the guidance of faculty, to solve a problem or assess a potential opportunity for a partner company. The process includes:

  • Direct access to executives at a partner company.
  • An up-close look at the company's culture, and how it does business and defines success.
  • Application of classroom insights and teamwork skills in a real business scenario.
  • Presentation of a formal recommendation to managers at the company, outlining a strategic course of action.

“The students validated some key points we’ve been discussing and also brought in some great new concepts that made us think differently about the challenge at hand.”

Rich Bingham, director, global strategy, marketing and communications group, Pershing

Field Consulting Program projects span a range of interests, from business process design, supply chain management and technology assessment to market research, innovation adoption and customer relationship management. And the benefit to students is difficult to overstate. Two members of the Stevens MBA Class of 2015, Hardick Shobhawat and Bing Lang, worked on a project for Pershing LLC that influenced their career plans. Lang, who has dreams of starting her own business, said the work with Pershing brought her management lessons to life, while Shobhawat said his experience helped him land job interviews. 

The program also emphasizes the market value of a business degree with technology at its core. Companies enjoy working with Stevens because students are taught to think about the possibilities analytics and technology create for the enterprise — a kind of expertise that isn't available elsewhere.

The value of the field consulting program