An MBA student presenting a project update before a screen in a boardroom.
Dual-degree MBA programs at Stevens are STEM certified and can be completed in two years.

The Stevens MBA uniquely prepares professionals for the challenges of the future by infusing the traditional business skill set with data and technology. That helps graduates of the program bring a forward-looking, technology-centric perspective to business problems across industries.

But many MBA students seek an extra edge in preparing for a management role, by taking a deeper dive in a more technical area aligned with their career goals. For these ambitious students, the School of Business offers a custom dual-degree MBA that allows you to graduate with both an MBA and a master’s degree in another discipline — with just 60 credits.

The cross-disciplinary insights of a dual degree are invaluable for leaders in a changing workplace. Dual-degree programs are STEM certified and can be completed in two years. 

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