The Executive MBA curriculum offers a high-level perspective on data-driven decision-making, strategic management, teaming and leadership, global business, and innovation and new product development. Classes are fast-paced and draw on both the professor's research and industry expertise, as well as the work insights you and your fellow students bring to the discussion. Courses are conversations, not lectures, with students encouraged to challenge the case studies with examples from their work and lively debate taking place as you learn about technology's potential to solve problems across disciplines.

Business foundation

The courses in this block are central to any MBA program. What sets these courses apart at Stevens is the technology emphasis of each class. These courses will show you how technology is a major driver of strategy across business disciplines. You'll discover your inner leader and cultivate your own leadership style as you learn to motivate teams and attack corporate missions with fearlessness — lessons you'll apply during a weekend leadership retreat at West Point.