The Stevens EMBA was created to help busy working professionals achieve mastery in the traditional management disciplines and an understanding of how technology is creating opportunities in new places in all industry categories. It was designed with consideration of the many demands — professional, family and others — faced by students, and therefore holds to a schedule of meeting on alternate Saturdays, for a total of eight days per semester. The degree takes less than three years to complete.

Experience required

The EMBA program is for students with at least five years of full-time work experience who want to take leadership roles at their organizations and better understand how to manage technology and business effectively. Students will draw heavily upon their experiences in the workplace throughout the course of the program.

To be considered, students must include the following with their applications:

  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Official transcript from each academic institution attended.
  • Official conferment of your bachelor’s degree.
  • An up-to-date résumé.

Please note that the GMAT is not required for admission to the EMBA program.

Learning by doing

For experienced professionals, lessons have to go beyond the comfort zone of the classroom, so that leaders can try out new concepts in the field before bringing them to the workplace. For this reason, the School of Business includes a strong experiential learning component that challenges students to apply lessons on a leadership retreat and on a business trip to a foreign country.

Powerful network

Professionals who complete the EMBA program graduate into a sizable network of professionals, who regularly meet to network and exchange advice and career prospects.
EMBA alumni regularly meet to network with newer graduates and maintain the strong ties to their cohort.

The M.S. in Technology Management/EMBA programs are the longest running in the history of the School of Business. That gives students a powerful network of more than 1,000 alumni to tap into when seeking advice, professional development or career prospects. Additionally, the cohort nature of the program ensures tight bonds between students both during their studies and after completing their degrees.

Location advantage

The Hoboken location of the campus puts Stevens close to a host of business and cultural opportunities that enhance the learning experience for students. Classes often have the opportunity to hear from managers and decision-makers at Fortune 500 companies that are located just across the river in New York City, adding an invaluable degree of relevance to the program.