Executive master’s programs are an excellent investment in your career — but few emphasize technology and data like the Executive MBA at Stevens.

Like most EMBA programs, Stevens offers a careful work-life balance for aspiring leaders, with courses meeting on alternating Saturdays. And you move through the program with the same group of professionals, giving you an incredibly powerful network and enriching classroom discussions with perspectives from a variety of industries. 

The Stevens EMBA, though, recognizes that executive-level courses must offer a strong technology perspective to be relevant in a fast-changing world. Here, courses in marketing, finance, strategy and operations emphasize the use of analytical tools that are changing how decisions are made in these disciplines. Faculty teach you to approach problems like a nimble entrepreneur, and use emerging technologies to become an innovator who brings greater sophistication and efficiency to the enterprise.

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Meet our alumni

The unique blend of technology, analytics and leadership training in the Executive MBA program prepares alumni to seek promotions and lead high-profile projects that span the enterprise. 

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