The biggest challenge technically oriented professionals face in the workplace is translating their expertise into recommendations that drive business strategy.

93 percent of Stevens graduate student alumni are employed within three months of commencement.

The Analytics MBA at Stevens is a STEM program that's designed to help professionals overcome these challenges by preparing students to communicate their findings in corner offices, and present their insights as part of a broader business strategy. Management faculty at the School of Business present traditional themes like strategy, marketing, finance and leadership development through the analytical, problem-solving lens that is the hallmark of a Stevens education. In addition, courses in various business analytics disciplines will show you how to apply data-intensive methods to industry challenges.

This intensive MBA will round out your professional skills beyond just the classroom. You’ll test lessons in leadership development during a retreat at West Point, complete a business immersion experience, and be mentored by professionals who will encourage you to think differently about your skills and your career aspirations.

Program highlights

Students collaborate on a data-intensive project in the Hanlon Lab.

Applied emphasis

The Analytics MBA emphasizes project-based learning and applied sciences to ensure your comfort in demonstrating leadership skills at work after graduation. Cross-disciplinary courses will nurture both your technical and business skills, giving you a holistic view of the enterprise.

View of the Manhattan skyline and the Stevens campus.

Employment advantage

Stevens alumni are recognized by U.S. News & World Report and Payscale for securing employment at strong salaries upon graduation. Our location, directly across the river from New York City, makes it easy for recruiters to visit campus and for students to accept internships, consulting work and employment offers from every industry.

A student asks his professor for her advice on an assignment.

In good company

MBA students are taught by faculty who’ve started their own businesses, led enterprise-scale projects and pioneered new ways of thinking about technology’s role in getting the job done. You’ll also be matched with an industry mentor who will provide coaching and guidance during your studies and beyond.

MBA by the numbers

Immersed in a high-tech environment

Stevens leverages its strengths as an engineering and science university to bring the latest technologies to its School of Business, with an emphasis on how these tools can be used to solve problems and make better decisions.

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