A group of male and female graduate business students collaborate around a Bloomberg terminal in the Hanlon Lab.
The generous support of corporate partners and alumni helps keep the Hanlon lab facilities on the cutting edge through software maintenance and hardware upgrades.

The meaningful research and top-flight instruction made possible by the Hanlon Financial Systems Center is powered largely through generous donations by alumni and employers. Donations to the Hanlon Financial Systems Center directly support the important work conducted here, including:

  • Hosting conferences and guest lectures.
  • Maintaining and enriching our software library, and upgrading hardware and physical infrastructure.
  • Conducting breakthrough finance-related research.
  • Offering state-of-the-art lab courses to students.
  • Career development events for students enrolled in center-supported programs.

The Stevens School of Business has a long history of partnership with corporations, nonprofit companies, universities and government in order to create practical solutions to the challenges presented in a digital economy constantly being refined by new technologies. That philosophy is a core principle of the Hanlon Financial Systems Center, which is dedicated to helping partners better understand how technology, data and analytics can introduce greater sophistication and efficiency while empowering better decision making. Because of the unique deployment of technologies and the systemic philosophy at the heart of the center, partnering with Stevens creates incredible opportunities for both organizations and the aspiring managers they employ.

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