A male student leads a standing-room-only presentation in the Hanlon Lab.
A student leads a presentation in the Hanlon Lab for Financial Analytics and Data Visualization.

The School of Business at Stevens offers a number of four-course graduate certificates that leverage the high-technology environment of the Hanlon Financial Systems Center and its lab facilities. Each certificate offers an in-depth look at a highly specialized discipline, from financial statistics to algorithmic trading strategies.

Students who complete the certificates can then apply these credits toward a graduate degree from the School of Business, such as the MBA or a master's in Financial Engineering or Business Intelligence & Analytics.

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Certificate descriptions

Light blue data on a dark blue screen.

Algorithmic Trading Strategies

This certificate is ideal for professionals aiming to create tech-driven trading strategies for dynamic markets. Classes emphasize software implementation and the use of automatic decision support systems.

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Data, represented by green 1s and 0s, against a black screen with a human eye silhouetted in the back.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

A highly customizable program that allows students to take a deep dive into a particular area of data, web and social analytics.

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Line graphs showing market data on a blue screen.

Financial Computing

This program goes beyond programming basics to fully immerse students in the quantitative models and the advanced computing skills required to manage large financial data sets. This certificate involves additional credits and lab courses.

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Colorful financial charts on a black screen.

Financial Engineering

Courses in portfolio theory, finance and pricing offer an introductory view into the world of financial engineering. Most students in this certificate go on to complete the master's with another six courses.

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Stacks of coins in the foreground with financial market data on blue screens in the back.

Financial Risk Engineering

This certificate is designed to help students see the financial landscape from a systemic perspective, useful in assessing risk and understanding how finance impacts the business of the organization.

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Live pricing data in red text on a black and red screen.

Financial Services Analytics

Students will learn to apply data-driven solutions to complex financial problems, including the use of specific types of data, database management, and the coding of different analytical techniques. This program, developed with Accenture, requires additional credits to complete.

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Financial data, in green numbers, on a blue computer screen.

Financial Software Engineering

Derivatives, portfolio simulation, and pricing and hedging strategy are at the center of this certificate, intended for software engineers interested in financial education.

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Math symbols and financial data overlaid on a dark screen.

Financial Statistics

Advanced data and statistical analysis techniques mark the core of this program, designed to create advantages for statisticians eager to move into financial roles.

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