Dr Gousgounis, in a red blouse and dark suit, points to financial data on a touchscreen at the front of a class in the Hanlon Lab.
Academic programs in finance are enriched by the resources available to professors through the Hanlon Financial Systems Center.

Educational programs at the School of Business at Stevens are noted for a unique blend of hands-on instruction, practical business and leadership lessons, and a technology emphasis that ensures the skills students learn position them for long-term career success. This emphasis is felt with particular strength in the Hanlon Financial Systems Center. Here, one-of-a-kind lab facilities let students roll up their sleeves and experiment with big data in real time, through high-tech visualization tools and thorough instruction in tools like Bloomberg, SAS and Thomson Reuters.

Students learn not only how data can be used to drive better decision making, but they learn to challenge the data and think critically about its application in a variety of business scenarios.

Academic programs supported by the Hanlon Financial Systems Center include:

  • Undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • Certificate programs.
  • Software boot camps.
  • Short executive courses.

The School of Business works closely with industry — through advisory boards, student placement initiatives and onsite corporate education programs — to ensure these programs are relevant in fast-changing markets, and to create new programs that best meet the needs of tomorrow's professionals.

School of Business education programs