The Hanlon Lab packed with high school students working the Bloomberg terminals.
High school students get a taste of how high-tech the finance industry has become at the annual Trading Day competition.

Both industry and academia look to Stevens as a leader when it comes to the dissemination of theories that challenge conventions, advance knowledge and change how companies in this space operate.

To fulfill its goal of creating impact through the sharing of new ideas and discoveries, the Hanlon Financial Systems Center hosts regular events and conferences showcasing the latest work of both Stevens Institute of Technology researchers and others dedicated to exploring the disruptions and possible opportunities that new and emerging technologies can create in finance.


Conferences hosted by Stevens attract dozens of industry leaders eager to better understand how technology will reshape their businesses in coming years, while faculty and graduate students enjoy the opportunity to network with like-minded researchers and professionals while showcasing some of their work through poster shows, talks and other networking events.

Dr. Ionut Florescu, in a dark suit and red tie, speaks to the audience in front of a welcome screen for the conference.

High-Frequency Finance and Analytics Conference

The annual Stevens Conference on High-Frequency Finance and Analytics focuses on sharing the latest research and model applications for financial data sampled with high frequency.

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Three panelists in dark suits at a table discussing cybersecurity at the conference.


This conference explores the technical, regulatory, process and human dimensions of cyber threats faced by financial systems and markets.

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A male participant wearing a dark suit listens to dicusssion at a conference.

Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurial Finance

Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurial Finance examines new sources of financing available to entrepreneurs seeking to bring tech-driven products or services to the market. The last event presented research findings about the implications of a fintech-driven explosion in funding channels available to startups.

Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurial Finance
Hong Kong skyline with ticker superimposed over it.

New Technologies, New Economics Conference

Hosted in conjunction with Central University of Finance and Economics, in Beijing, this conference examines the disruptive role new technologies have in business — especially finance — and how decision-makers can learn and leverage new tools in becoming more effective, efficient leaders. 

New Technologies, New Economics Conference