This certificate offers a rich panorama of principles, architectures and standards to help students respond to the accelerated worldwide demand for reliable and robust wireless communications. Courses focus on significant opportunities and obstacles facing today’s rapidly expanding mobile enterprises, including an introduction to the global regulatory environment and critical managerial decisions, and an immersion in key technology concepts and next-generation standards.

To enroll in this certificate program, students must have taken TM 501, TM 605, TM 615 and MGT 615 or MGT 600, or equivalent.

The following courses are required for the certificate:

  • TM 615 Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing
  • TM 616 Global Wireless Industry
  • TM 617 Next Generation Wireless Systems
  • TM/EE 584 Wireless Systems Security or TM 618 Performance Management Of Emerging Mobile Wireless Networks

If desired, the above courses can be applied toward a full graduate degree from the School of Business, such as the master's in Network & Communication Management & Services or the MBA.

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